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Enterprise Resource Planning

Online-erp Online ERP by BScaler provides a complete Web-based ERP total business management solution for SMBs. The Web-based ERP clicks from anywhere 24x7 on demand and completely integrated with CRM Resellers Importers and Distributors. BScaler Online Accounting, Online ERP, Online CRM are the parts of our total Web-based Business Management solution . From anywhere at any time and any language--just click for ERM! Enterprise Resource Manager - ERM is Software as a Service, so the modules actually run on an ERP server that BScaler manages (unless you wish to own and manage your own ERP Appliance,. ERM does no processing or storing of data on user computers (except for PDF reports that a user can download), so current data is always available to users anywhere in the world at any time.

Online invoice control system A simple to use Invoice generator. If you are running a small company with only a small need for economy management, Invoice Control is the tool for you. With Invoice Control you can manage your customers and stock items in an easy way. You can then use the stock item list for generating aninvoice for each of your customers. Invoice Control gives you all the benefits of a small office system, as you can even use Invoice Control to send letters to you customers. Eliminate paper and manual approval processes AP Invoice Management ensures that invoices are matched to purchase orders and packing lists, eliminating duplication, over spending and paying for products and services not rendered. With AP Invoice Management, you can easily apply company policies and controls to purchases made with or without purchase orders. When paper-based invoices are electronically processed through you gain transactional efficiencies.

You know who ordered the products or services, whether the right people approved them and you can attach any supporting documents. Operational efficiencies become company norm Because everything is done electronically through the system, you won`t be spending money to overnight invoices for approval. Real-time Proccess into which invoices are due when, enables you to more easily take advantage of vendor discounts for early payments. Think of AP Invoice Management as an electronic check and balance between the people in the company who spend money, the managers who approve expenditures and the accounts payable team who processes invoices for payment.

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